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Are you considering residential treatment for your struggling teenager?
While some programs truly help teenagers, such programs face virtually no government oversight to protect young people from rampant abuse, neglect, and even death.  Such facilities often have not been appropriately licensed, are rarely staffed with trained professionals that use proven, therapeutic methods, and sell parents on the idea that this will be a short-term intervention while, often, keeping teenagers for years. There is no impartial data consistently showing the effectiveness of these programs, and many young people who were already struggling just end up being traumatized by residential treatment- all while separating your family and charging you upwards of $8,000/month. Your family deserves better. I'd like to offer you a challenge- before sending your child away, give me two weeks to help you come up with a comprehensive plan to help your family. If you and your child are not satisfied with the plans we have made by the end of the two weeks, I will ask for no payment from you, and will leave you to your original plans. If you are satisfied, I only ask that you pay me the amount of money that our plan would save you in one month by not having to pay for residential treatment. There are ways to keep your child at home safely, to get him the help he needs, and to help you cope with his challenges.  Please click here to request my help, or click here to ask a question.
Let me help you find alternatives to residential treatment for your struggling child.
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